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Na het instellen van het InnovatiePlatform door het kabinet Balkenende is innovatie een hype en een modewoord waarop de nodige organisaties hopen mee te liften en een subsidie te verkrijgen. Ook in de internethype was er sprake van het operationaliseren van nieuwe toepassingen. In het operationaliseren zit de kracht en dat IS eigenlijk innovatie.

Wij onderkennen drie samenhangende stappen:

  1. Inventie
    het uitvinden van nieuwigheden
  2. Innovatie
    het toepassen van nieuwe mogelijkheden of producten/processen
  3. Diffusie
    het verspreiden en algemeen toepassen van innovaties

het uitvinden, het zien van 'gaten' in de markt is de start. In de 2e fase: het operationeel krijgen van de toepassing vallen al ,heel wat iedeeen af. Maar de 3e stap: de diffusie, het op de markt brengen van een commercieel product is voor veel technici de moeilijkste stap. De consument/gebruiker stelt vaak andere eisen (bijvoorbeeld de kleur van een computer !) en daar moet wel aan voldaan worden, anders wordt het niet gekocht en loopt de diffusie een deuk op.

Definities en begrippen ontleend aan ThinkSmart

InnovationDNA™: Framework of Principles
(This framework was created by Fellows of InnovationUniversity and is available for use by anyone ... simply do a right click and download. However, we request that you not make changes and that you note that it is used with permission from InnovationNetwork ...

Innovation Defined:
People Creating Value by Implementing New Ideas

The Innovation DNA™ model presents the broad scope of what it takes to create an "innovation organization." The DNA concept came from the work of the Founding Fellowship class of Innovation University (IU) and has been field tested and revised over the past four years. The current version was revamped in 2002 to better reflect the importance of the world around the organization - what we call Context.

Context -- the World.
Nothing so important as organizational innovation happens in a vacuum. While it is obvious that Customers, Suppliers, Competitors and The Economy affect us daily, we also periodically interact with Government, World Events, Communities and Families. All of these interactions form the context for all business activities, including innovation.

Culture -- the "playing field" for all innovation projects and activities.
While innovation is "for the sake of" creating value for customers or a lofty vision, the organization must be fertile for the seeds of ideas and solutions to grow. An environment that is empowering, flexible, welcomes ideas, tolerates risk, celebrates success, fosters synergy and encourages fun is crucial. Creating such a climate may also be the biggest challenge facing all organizations wanting to be more innovative. We see four main components that lie in an organization's culture that provide the climate for innovation to occur-Leadership, People, Basic Values and Innovation Values.

Leadership -- the Role Models who see the possibilities for the future.
Strategies are put into place because leaders can envision a bright future and identify opportunities that can pave the path to success. Engaging the hearts of people and providing the necessary support are imperative to make the vision reality.

People -- the Source of innovation.
Of course, nothing happens without people. Every organization has a "personality" that comes from its collective and shared beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and most of all, from the relationships among its people.

Basic Values -- the Backbone that defines an organization.
Basic values such as Learning, Commitment, Inclusiveness, and Contribution are the kinds of principles that help an organization hold its shape in the frantic pace of global business. They provide the backbone for decisions and the foundation for shaping strategic alliances.

Innovation Values -- the Mindset that makes the impossible possible.
Beyond Basic Values, there are some drivers that can transform the mundane into the compelling and an ordinary project into a stellar new business. Freedom, Intuition and Synergy are just a few of the ideals that create the "magic" in innovative organizations.

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